over the top...



... my blog is!

Really? Thank you Ms. Lynn for keeping your awards and surprises on the background. Still badly needing that makeover, tho. I appreciate the suggestion but will still have to look for it. Thank you again for this pretty little badge below.

This goes out to Lisa, Amy, Cecile, Sam and G-Anne. Thanks for your friendship ladies. Enjoy your weekend!

5 Response to "over the top..."

  1. Lynn says:

    you're welcome, sis. more coming soon. bout the layout, hope u'll find one of ur liking soon enough. best of luck! mwahugs!

    Cecile says:

    thanks for the award dear :-) will add your name on this post ha, salamat uli :-)

    thanks for the concern! i'm a bit better now.

    take care!

    Wow Nancy!! congrats sweetie :-)

    Ive also got some for you.. got to post them soon:-)

    nancy says:

    @Gorgeous Mum & Cecile
    you're both welcome!

    @Nisha & Baby Alisha
    thanks ahead. will check that one out soon, TC!

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