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I've been hearing issues in circle about bloggers and their originally written articles being replicated and posted on somebody else's blog. But just as mere issue as they were, I simply let them pass through one ear to another.

But what I've seen and carefully read this morning was an undeniable, hard evidence of fraudulence. I was so overwhelmed after comparing both articles. Exactly an 84-word paragraph if I'm not mistaken was methodically copied, used in a post and published on the copycat's blog. And a paid post at that? Wow! How dreadful! What more can I say?

I don't want to play worthy here. I admit I sometimes do browse pages for reference in some of the postings I made but hey, what about using your own words or linking back if you feel the need to use others pieces.

Thanks to my source, btw.

6 Response to "irresponsible blogging"

  1. Lynn says:

    i wonder if she already knew that she was caught???

    nancy says:

    well... perhaps!

    PinayWAHM says:

    Very irresponsible talaga. Actually I'd even go as far as 'kapal muks' kasi the [2nd I know of] copied post was edited. Buti na lang may screen shot so walang lusot.

    Padaan here habang masipag ako maglakwatsa...


    nancy says:

    i've heard about that one too :D
    cge lang, she would soon realize the consequence of all she did.

    Liza says:

    Me ganun? Sana man lang binago nya and used her own words. Last year naman I heard of a blogger having 2 blogs having the same content, paid posts lang ang naiba. Still pandadaya pa rin.

    To answer your question, naku super expensive din ang broccoli dito. :)

    I actually caught one. He copied my post. As in word for word, kaso I can't leave a comment kasi hinde nya abled. Inis talaga ako. Grabe!!

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