it's been...



.... a year or so since my blog is wearing this layout.

.... 8 months since I bought this blog a domain name of its own.

.... 4 months since I started searching for a new layout and yet until now, I still can't find that look that suits my taste.
I took so much pride dressing up this blog with this template from Pannasmontata because for an amateur blogger this was the first"tedious" editing I've ever did since the advent of my blogging path. That was done somewhere in early 2008 cause I started blogging August 2007 and this was the 3rd layout I use for this blog. I don't want to say I'm getting tired of looking at it because I owe a lot from this template.

But like vehicles needs fuel to keep going, we bloggers needs to get motivated too sometimes to keep posting... and among the things that I believe would inspire us is a whole new pleasant-looking page. So right now, I'm still in desperate search for that next template. Been waiting and checking my source from time to time to drop off new designs but it's been again another week.

I really would appreciate suggestions and link referrals. Kindly post them at the comment section if there's any. Thank you so much ahead!

4 Response to "it's been..."

  1. JK says:

    Well you will adventually find what your looking 4...

    nancy says:

    i know but would like to welcome suggestions too...

    Lynn says:

    how about a layout from twinks, sis? hee hee...

    niwey, got an award for u...

    Liza says:

    Hi sis! Yes, I believe in that. Ako rin ganyan. A new layout motivates me too. Lynn is right, you can try twink's or carlota's layouts.

    Happy weekend.

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