working my way to la-la-la land



It's 10 PM... I have had a long day today but can't even doze to sleep so I decided to watch Miss Philippines Earth 2009 coronation night instead. It's not really in my agenda tonight. I don't even watch any of the pre-pageant activities. No personal bet! Just thinking perhaps watching TV would help wear my eyes out till I start to yawn and hit the sack. Tsk...tsk...tsk...

Hate what I'm feeling inside... it definitely don't do me any good, I know :-(

3 Response to "working my way to la-la-la land"

  1. Cecile says:

    i am like you Nancy, i want to sleep early at night, but my eyes are wide open...tried watchhing tv show but it didn't work!

    Lynn says:

    ako sis kay most of the time, 9pm pa lang naghagok na. hehe. musta na sis? hope all is well. ingatz. :)

    sinabi ko na kasing sumali ka ng Ms Phil noong kabataan natin. di mo ginrab! Syang yun ha?

    Namiss mo ko?

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