april fools day virus



Rich important files, credit card information and other files stored in your computer system that you think are relevant to you... if cannot be prevented all these maybe gone forever at one blink of an eye when an April Fools Day Virus called CONFICKER attacks your system. This is the threatening Microsoft advisory that greets me while watching the local news this morning. The horrible attack that may capture passwords, credit card numbers and other substantial information is set for April 1st and cannot be helped once inside the system.

While the report continues, I hurriedly open my PC not to check if my files are still there or not cause I know I don't have worth-hacking files :D though to me they are still important and I count to most of them a lot... and who would say YES to any types of viruses and malwares to wreck their system? Anyways, first thing I did after I sighed (lol) knowing that my PC is still working is to search more information about this nasty little worm that may cause a total irrepairable damage.

Though this can be a sad news to begin the month of April, experts advised that whether you are worried about the infection or not, a full data backup not tomorrow but today is fully recommended for safety.

2 Response to "april fools day virus"

  1. I have no where to put my files. Poor me! :(

    nancy says:

    :( would a flashdrive at least help? LOL!

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