been awhile...



Hello there people... how are you? Forgive my inconstant update. Since I came home last January, I felt like I'm already so left behind. I have what it takes to blog and a mind full of things to write about but dullness keeps on getting my way. I believe sudden switch of environment has caused me all this... same feeling I got when I first moved to Cebu before. Now I'm home again. I should get use to that idea but no I'm still not and I guess will never be... LOL!

Anyway, what's new and whats up in the online world today? What's in and what's out? Hmm... I should check some out myself. I really need to do some hopping now. It's been a long while since I last did :-)

See ya!

2 Response to "been awhile..."

  1. JK says:

    It is really nice to see you back again... It will even nicer to see you back in full swing again...

    Lynn says:

    naa bitaw time nga tamad ta sis no pero more often than not, lingaw jud ko. hehe.

    sige lang, i know in time, mabalik ra imong ka adik sa blogging. harhar.

    ingatz sis!

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