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Hello! I can't believe it's been about 2 weeks since my last update. It's pretty hard work and overwhelming looking after kids again which I don't do for years. And I'm not only talking about 2 kids cause there are 6 of them including my other 2 sister's daughters. Whew! I so much wanted to complain but I can't because this is one thing I have been dreaming to happen for long years. A get together with my family! I haven't had much time for myself though but now that it finally happens, I just wanna savor it.

Yesterday, Kate and I went out and had a "bonding moment" together in the city. We eat out and shop. That is of course after I bought my tickets for my Manila trip next month. My daughter had so much fun inside the mall... she enjoyed taking pictures and these two below that she took of me yesterday is very timely for the tag Michelle of My Small World had passed on to me. The latest picture tag. So here it is... fresh new pictures of me.

You may read the rules here if you feel like grabbing this tag.

To the soon to be mom, Michelle, thanks a lot and I wish you a safe and successful delivery.

3 Response to "fresh new pics (taggie)"

  1. JK says:

    It is so nice the two of you were able to have such a wonderful time together... I am happy for you some of your lifes wishes are coming true one at a time...

    Beautiful! Blooming kaau ka sis bah! JK is taking good care of you... and your heart ;-)

    It has been a long time... Musta na Sis? ANy update to your visa application?

    Lynn says:

    oi, ka nice. nambok lagi ka sis ay and it looks good on u ha. hmmm...inlove gud. hehe.

    tag pud ko ni michelle ani. wa pa nako nahimo kay busy bisihan life.

    happy sunday sis!

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