auto approval from 3Ps!



Yes, I just got one after publishing this $7.50 worth post few moments ago. It's such a "wow" for me... as a matter of fact, I always find this site a very hard to please blog advertising network. They're too meticulous when it comes to grammatical errors and they barely give out opportunities (well, perhaps to struggling blogs like mine, lol!) But lately, 3Ps seems to have a surprising switch. More opps (some are fairly priced, some are not) , 24 hour approval and now this... an auto approval!

Now who says Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? Why don't you guys try to grab the same fortune... check out your account and see if this opp is still available for you.

Thumbs up for PPP!

2 Response to "auto approval from 3Ps!"

  1. Lynn says:

    good for u, sis. nindot bitaw if na auto approved no kay count dayon sa days of payment. lol.

    got an award for u here...

    nancy says:

    thanks Lynn, but you must have pasted the wrong URL :D
    Anyway, thanks a lot. I will just try to look it from your page. TC!

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