received the _nth box



Yesterday was yet another day filled with fun and great joy for us... most especially for my dear nieces for we finally got hold of the anticipated __nth box of goodies from JK... YEHEYY! Thank you so much, mister! Times like this makes me feel like a child again, LOL! Can't help it. Who would not love presents?

They're no extraordiary gifts but I knew from my heart that they're all packed with all the sincerity to share and that's what made these stuffs extra special!

Here's a glimpse of what we've got:

softy shorts and tops ... perfect for the so hottie summer weather!
3 for each kind but I gave one top to my sister and I am wearing the other shorts right now, LOL!

and this was me wearing one of the tank tops...

isn't this so lovely? It's a hearty picture frame made of ceramics. I miss taking a pic of how it looks like on the inside, tho, but it's real nice... Luv it!

I was once so depressed and Dee (JK's sister) sent me these inspirational messages through IM... now I finally got hold of them. I placed them on top of my PC table so to have a worth daily read.

... and of course bunch of chips for me and chocolate packs for my nieces. Hmm, you're starting to know me better now, huh... Thank you so much, hon!

And not on the pictures were 2 sets of earpieces for my PC and a cute, little figure of Pochahontas... that according to him is my Disney character counterpart, LOL!

And oh... if you may ask if this mask is one of the inclusions... YES, it is! but it has a quite long story to tell so let me just reserve it for my next post.

Have a great weekend to all!

11 Response to "received the _nth box"

  1. Lynn says:

    hmmm... i know the feeling of receiving goodies. hahaha.

    those are nice. so sweet of JK to give u such. may chocolate pa sis? penge! LOL.

    niwey, tagged u...

    nancy says:

    will grab the tag later, sis..thanks for dropping by!

    kaso la ng chocolates, eh! :-(

    wow, JK is indeed very sweet and thoughtful! you're one lucky lady to have captured his generous heart!

    i love the tee!

    nancy says:

    thanks Sheng! me i love them all :D

    Ann says:

    aga ng pasko ah.

    nisha says:

    Hi there pretty lady.. awarded and tagged you dear.. please pick up them up so i can get to know you better ;)

    I guess you've already felt top of the world with those lovely gifts huh? hehe.. it feels so special really :-)

    Congratulations, on being the certified queen of blogs and also enjoy doing the tags girl :-)

    nancy says:

    lagi naman yata pasko para sa giver na mga'to, LOL!

    certified queen of blogs? Hmm..i wonder if i really deserve it Nisha but thanks anyway... It is such a pleasant award I don't wanna miss... will grab it soon :D THANKS!

    Lynn says:

    hello sis...

    nia na pud ko. musta man diha? got something for u again. hehe.

    oh, i love presents..i can have some? Lol. enjoy your goodies..

    JK says:

    Well I love wating you enjoy the things you receive... Beside they are for you the one who is more beautiful and lovly then Aphrodites... Love you baby... You are my Gardian Angel...

    nancy says:

    Love you too, hon. yes we enjoyed it all especially the kids and i love mine too :D

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