awards galore



Big or small... no matter what the amount, it is always pleasing to know whenever your effort is being rewarded. Below are the two most recent awards I received from two responsive and thoughtful fellow bloggers, Gles and Nisha respectively.These are only but 2 small pieces of a thing but obviously they tells a lot.

Thank you so much to you both

Now it's my turn to say you too are smart and a certified queen of blogs: Lynn, Elaine, Lisa, Rocks and Sheng.

3 Response to "awards galore"

  1. Lynn says:

    hello sistah!

    pennsylvania? hahaha! sige lang chika ta puhon. buzzed u the other day, pero busy man guro imo beauty. hehe.

    niwey, salamat aning awards. will grab these soon.


    nancy says:

    you're welcome, sis. sensya na i didn't notice the buzz but would really love to hear from you again soon :D

    I'm intrigued! hahaha! Sushal!

    thank you so much for this, JK's amazing lady!

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