one of these days...



Why don't you leave if it's that bad?
How can you let this happen?
If I was you, I wouldn't put up with that.
Why don't you just kick him out?

Just WHY do women can't stay away from an abusive relationship?

This is a very frustrating reality one can never imagine to happen to any of their loved ones. The questions above left me wonder... how on earth can a woman allow her husband or a partner to make them feel worthless and have their self-esteem stomped into the floor? They simply have no right! For me abusers are nothing but a bunch of trashy cowards. That's all they are capable of doing... punch, kick, slap, shove, humiliate and degrade those whom they think are weak and powerless.

I remember what my father told my ex-husband before he died...

"Talk things over no matter how complicated the problem is." "Never... and no one's gonna hit any of my daughters!"

Unfortunately, he was no longer around when my ex for the first time lay a hand on me some few years back. So NO QUESTIONS ASKED after he did! Just don't let me dig into the details for that is not what I am writing this post for. Even if I can be a whole lot happier now with the present relationship I have with JK, I still can't help myself not to worry for my sister and her daughters' situation. The main reason why I am still stuck here in Cebu until now. I have been wanting to go back to Davao a long time ago if not for them. But like what JK told me, no matter how good my intentions are and no matter how hard I am trying to help them out, it is still her decision that counts in the end. Which I think is true although for me, it is still unjustifiable!

It's only a day before Christmas... I don't even look forward to celebrating it this time. No one has ever a clue how desperate I am in trying to help her out from this situation because she simply don't deserve to be treated like what her "husband" is doing to her. And no one has a clue how disheartened I am for she don't seems to notice how much I care for her and her daughters despite everything I have done for them.

I know...

I cannot be her heart and her brain.

I can only be a sister to her.

And I can only do as I can.

I can only wish for wisdom to find its way through her mind and heart one of these days... if there's any!

2 Response to "one of these days..."

  1. Lynn says:

    i myself wonder how come some people let themselves be abused. tsk, tsk, tsk...

    perhaps your sister feels na wala siyang ibang masandalan other than her husband, financially wise. i do hope makapag isip isip siya, sis. just keep on praying.

    ingatz! :)

    hey wut is this about nancy i like how u write i just hope that ur okay and i hope that this isnt bout you n i read this post post with my cuz and she said that ur very maganda(beautiful)but hey i hope to here from u im in ohio for christmas so hope you hop to my blog dand comment or just drop by

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