my christmas rundown



I felt unhappy I wasn't able to be here to wish everyone a Merry Christmas yesterday. Though I have said, I am not looking forward for a merrymaking, deep in my heart I still thought of peaceful and safe celebration for everybody.

I was thinking of letting it pass just like one of those ordinary days but last night my boss surprised us with a little get together party. Obviously, we don't know about it. We shared dinner together with her family, had a drink and she gave us holiday favors as well. As soon as I came home, JK was there waiting to spend his time with me so it was nothing awful at all.. and that wrapped it all up. I get to spend Christmas with some nice and special people. Plus, I got to talk to my mom and my daughters back home as well and I'm glad to know that they're all fine, healthy and happy.

There is nothing I could ask for...

...though it's a bit late, still Merry Christmas to everyone around here:-)

5 Response to "my christmas rundown"

  1. Lynn says:

    belated merry christmas too, sis! actually, just like you, wasn't able to blog hop too and greet everyone. super busy career oi. hehe.

    anyways, sorry about sa ym earlier. gatukar na pud katok sa amo pc. mukalit lag ka off. karon gadali dani ko type ani kay basi ma wa na pud. hehe.

    ingatz sis! mwah! talk to u again soon. :)

    anneberly says:

    well at least you had some fun time at work. As for me, boring as ever
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    merry Christmas and a prosperous New year to you ciang! i miss the laughs..take care...

    Nancy says:

    thanks evs... i miss talking to you. hope we can pick up some time soon, take care!

    Preston says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too. Glad you got to celebrate a little.

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