they say...



"You look younger than your actual younger sister."
"You don't look like your age."

Do I need to boast here? No... Not my point but these are common complements I received from people and to be quite honest, each time they do, it makes a good music to my ears.

I've been staying here in Cebu for nearly a year now but as I have mentioned in one of my posts here, I barely go out to socialize so I only make a few friends and most of them if not my neighbors are my younger sister's friends from where she used to work. The funny thing is, most of them think that my age is deceiving... I wish I could make them believe what my meaningful beauty secret is...

"Say it to your mind and believe!"

Beauty is not necessarily a certain look. It is more of an attitude.

2 Response to "they say..."

  1. anneberly says:

    you shoudl the picture of your sister and you so I can be one of the judge..lols
    How the holloween for you? My kids had fun
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    Nancy says:

    Oh well...

    Could it have slipped my mind?? LOL.. hmm..but maybe on my next posts, Anne..Anyways, my Halloween was fine. It was safe and quite like it used to.

    thanks for coming!


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