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I would like to address this post to Anneberly. This is in response to the comment she wrote on my post from this link. Thank you Anne for your constant visit. This picture of me, my sister Thea along with her daughters is all I can find from my file and my 6 year old niece, Bernadette captured this pose for us just not so long ago.

It really don't matter to me as to what other people has to say about us but hmm... I would still love to hear your personal judgement... LOL! By the way my sister is only 26 and I am 4 years older than her.

6 Response to "a special comment response post"

  1. Lynn says:

    hmmm...beauty runs in the family huh?

    happy sunday sis! (",)

    JK says:

    your the most beautiful woman in the world to me... Love you so much...

    ARCHITECT says:

    you look younger.. btw, I am also hosting a giveaway at my new site sweetytots a 3pc Musical Intrument set. Perfect for your niece. Please join here

    darly says:

    seeing this picture reminds me of the bond i have with my sister. I don't see her often coz she's based in Manila, and misses her so much.

    Keep the love Nancy!!

    anneberly says:

    hahhaha, You took it seriously Nancy, both of you are beautiful and now I really believe you that you look younger than her.. lols.. She just needs a little diet.
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    Nancy says:

    Ahaha...she's working on it, Anne. Her baby will be turning 4 months on the 11th.


    good luck to you and your sister's next bonding..thanks for coming by!

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