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There's always a quick answer from me whenever someone asks me what do I want for a baby... "a girl". I say this based on my personal experience. I have two daughters and I never have had any problem picking up their styles when it comes to dresses and casual wears.

I don't have a son but I can still say choosing a suit for men is always a pain on the neck. I'm sure many women will agree on this. On some important occasions, I used to buy my dad's and brother's clothes and trust me, it'll take most of my shopping hours to find just a single pair of pants for each of them. It is also believed that made to order suits costs much so we more likely ended up buying most of their clothes from off the rock. But sometimes ready to wear suits just can't give you enough satisfaction of comfort. It's either,too loose or too tight and most often than not, the choice of fabric is of low quality.

Recently, I've discovered from the net. So what does this website do to have made me wish they were here during those times I need them the most?... Well, they simply do custom suit that costs no more than any one of the "off the rack" suits you currently have in your closet. They design made to measure suits according to your own taste, style and shape which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable when wearing it. And most importantly, it is worth the splurge. There's only three easy steps to do. Measuring, styling and fabric selection. You will be guided through each step of the process by a consultant and in just a matter of few questions and suggestions, you will get to have an absolutely comfortable and satisfying MySuit experience.


Too sad... my dad's no longer here... but I can still recommend it to my brother, though. He's not getting any younger and could have consider settling down with someone special to him in few years time... who knows, lol! And oh, I can highly recommend it to my boyfriend too..why not? We never know what's in store for us in the future... (LOL!) You too can make an appointment right off the web and start wearing a suit that never wears you!


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  1. JK says:

    me in a suit?? hmmm

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