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They say opportunity only knocks at your door once so grab it while you can... This is exactly what I was doing during the last few days. And if you scroll down a bit, you may realize what I am talking about. Well, you can't blame me for that. Can't afford to miss any of them... and if you're blog savvy you would know what I'm coming up with. Anyways, enough about it...

Last week my nieces have a had a Halloween break from school. But instead of enjoying and making the most out of the week long holiday both of them ended up getting sick. Bernadette got a high fever out of the blue then some burn-like spots developed all over her mouth from her lips, tongue and gums. MJ on the other hand has the fever too while the poor little baby has the cough & flu. She probably got it from her Mom who'd been suffering from hard cough. But among them Bernadette got the most worrying condition so before anything worst will happen we decided to run her to the nearest hospital. Nearest is up to the next town like 15-20 minutes ride. "Badian" was the name of the place and as people say it's a nice town with some beautiful spots. Next thing that came through my mind was my camera.

I didn't know that the place where the District Hospital is situated itself was the nice place they've been talking about. So after Bernadette was checked, we spent a few minutes walk around... While looking, I took out my camera and begin snapping...it was a nice place indeed!

Here are some of the pictures:

Along the road Badian District Hospital

an olden church
was trying to look up from the web what the name of the Church was but their official website seems down... so if you happen to know, I would appreciate it.

Church's chantry

Badian Town Hall

there's me, Bernadette and MJ amidst the torrid weather

That's about it for the place but the picture taking didn't stop there... cause later during that day, as soon as we got home, the saga continues...lol! The setting is in my bedroom this time :-)

Me and Bernadette
(just please don't mind the mess by the corner, lol!)

the trio
Bernadette, MJ & baby Elija in Tita's bed

finally there's Me & MJ

For a couple of days was quite a difficult condition for Bernadette because she can hardly eat but thanks to God that her system is responding well to her medications. So as MJ. Actually both of them are officially back to school now.

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2 Response to "on halloween school break"

  1. Lynn says:

    a sweet day-out and bonding moments with tita and her nieces. that's good, sis. hope they're better now. get well soon to them.

    i am always amazed by those old churches. i've seen a few when we were in iloilo before and i just love them. :)

    Edelweiza says:

    nice rural scenery...i'm a bit sad i was not able to go home last halloween...

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