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Another self-revelation here... 8 Random Facts tag is making its way back here through the ever so thoughtful, Lynn. She knows I already have answered this tag before but like I told her I won't mind doing it again. Besides what is revealing 8 out of a hundreds of facts about my self? We're publicly publishing some personal opinions anyway, so I guess letting your readers learn a few things about you as an author of your articles won't hurt... so here we go...

1. I am a very impatient person. [Sshhh... no questions asked please... but comments are welcome, lol!]

2. I don't wear make ups too.. not when its necessary.

3. For 8 years now, I have kept a short birthday note from my mom in my wallet that stresses my prevailing attitude... "what Nancy wants, Nancy gets!" haha...talaga ba?!!

4. November 15, 2007 is marked a very significant month and year for me. This was where a new life, new hopes and dreams was molded after facing a life and death battle at the DMC OB-OR when I had my first ever major surgery.

5. I rock! Metallica, Aerosmith, Scorpions, and Led Zeppelin are among my favorite rock bands.

6. Strict and snob are people's most common impression towards me. (ang sama!)

7. Love cooking, discover and experimenting new dishes. This is one domestic chore I really miss doing since I moved here in Cebu.... hay!!! so :-(

8. Currently thinking of moving back to Davao... hopefully before Christmas :-)

By the way, thanks na rin to Dez for sharing me another wonderful friendshiptag. I just had it delivered to my friends from my other blog. Thank you so much, Mommy!!!

1 Response to "getting to know me"

  1. Lynn says:

    we have some things in common pala sis. aside from not wearing make ups, i'm also oftentimes perceived as strict as snob. apir! wa nako na nabutang da. sunod na pud. haha.

    thanks for taking take to do this. hanggang sa muli. lol.


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