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It's nice to know that you're secured with that someone. That even if the rain is pouring hard and the sky is almost dark, he'll never leave you just so you won't feel alone. Even if his friends had left him (and even if he has to be somewhere else) he'd still stay by your side, just so you won't feel alone.

It's so good to know that you have someone who'll be willing to help you cope up in every frustrations you're having. Every depressing moments, every down moments, every self-worthless-realization moments, he'd be there, not because you want someone to be with you, but because he wants to be with you.

It's great to know when a person appreciates every little thing you do. Even a smile would mean a lot to him, just because you own that smile. And that even if no words are expressed as long as the eyes understand, you'd be able to communicate, just like that.

It's overwhelming when a person tells you that he loves you for who you are. He may not have an answer when you ask him why, but really, he doesn't have to have reasons for loving you.

It's more grateful to know that someone is grateful to have you. We don't choose the people who enter our lives, so it must be luck that you have that person, then you have to be thankful. It may just be coincidence or fate, but whatever the reason is, you have to be thankful in having him the same way he is thankful for having you.

It's a wonderful feeling when you're on the verge of giving up the things you've worked hard for, someone isn't just helping you carry the weight on your shoulders, but he carries it on his own because he'd also be in pain when you are in pain. And then you'll realize, trials would all be worth it as long as you have him, not because he would do things for you, but because you gather all the strength you need, in him and his love.

It's a superb feeling when one is willing to take the risks just so you'll be happy. Unselfishness rule in him just so happiness would take over you.

It's a nice feeling that when you're apart, and days seem to be long, that person misses you. Yes, you might feel bad about not being with each other, but knowing that you feel the same way would drive those blues away, thinking, you'd fight over that feeling because you're looking forward to seeing each other, and that's something to be happy about.

It's a great feeling when he wants to be with you because of the happiness you have when you're together. That even if corny jokes and senseless stories are told, it won't matter as long as you're together.

It's a lovely feeling when someone thinks about your future, with or without him. He cares and he cares enough to think of you and what you'll be someday. But of course, he also wants to be in it someday.

It's a nice feeling when you can be who you really are with that person. No pretensions, no lies, no hypocrisy, because he accepts you for who you are. You can be funny, you can be embarrassed, but it won't matter cause it doesn't matter to him. Trust and faith in each other keeps you alive. And it will always do.

It's good to know that you have someone who'll not have the intentions of breaking your heart. Instead, he would be willing to mend it, picking up the broken pieces of your heart that your past love have scattered in the ground. He may not be able to put the pieces back to where they really belong, but you shouldn't mind, because he had repaired that heart of yours, and he fixed it in his own way. He loves you in his own way, not the way your past did. He fixed your heart in a different way, to keep you from feeling the pains of your past heartache and to make you feel, the love, that he's unselfishly giving.

It's a great feeling when that person has every effort to let you feel what he feels for you. Because of the distractions, you may not hear him shout it to the world, but as long as you feel it, his efforts has paid off, big time. And when you feel the same way too... He'd feel as if he's the luckiest person alive.

... when in fact, you're more blessed to have him.

Afterhours Inspirational Stories... is where I got this inspirational piece from. It wasn't on my agenda to have this story posted here but as I read between the lines, there is this sudden pinch inside me that says "hey, this is me." The choice of words, the way each line is described... just every details on it.

11 Response to "it is ..."

  1. It really is. Is this your own composition? It's really a nice post. Good insight.

    hjv says:

    Hey there nancy! Can I post this one in my multiply? Really love this one. Hope you'll answer back. Pwamis, I will give credit to your site :)

    Anonymous says:

    "it is.." when it is right, but not "it is.." when it is wrong.

    nice thoughts though.

    Lynn says:

    very inspiring indeed, sis! sigh! wish i'll meet a man who possess those qualities indicated in there. i'd be the luckiest girl, if ever. hehe.

    anyways, just answered a dNeero survey and u were featured there, sis. as in #1 question jud ba. sikat! lol.

    Nancy says:

    ohh, mao ba.. cge cge, tan-awon nko sis. suroy lang ko dha karon.

    Nancy says:

    @ online casino guide

    the permalink of the source of this story is written below the post. The author is actually anonymous, so there. anyway, thanks for dropping by!


    i tried posting a comment on your multiply account but it didn't get says i have to create an account myself for me to be able to post a comment.

    btw, as I was about to say, you may snag the this as long as you don't forget to attach the permalink of the source in your post :-)

    WOW! Very, very nice Nance! Love it! Very inspiring. Thanks for posting this one...

    JK says:

    Baby I love you with all my heart and I will always... I know you have the same feelings about me... We have each other completely we really do... The only thing missing from our relationship is a physical contact... The important things are there... And one day we shall close the circle and have it all.. But for now we have the most important and the best part of our relationship... We have the love and caring for each other true honest love and caring... Mahal na Mahal kita....
    My heart will remain yours for ever and my love shall always stay true...

    Neil says:

    Hi, I don't want to be different on all your comments, but it sounds boring to have such person beside you all the time...that all you do is right and they appreciate...i don't see life in that kind of relationship i can't feel how important i am. Maybe it's not just me.

    God Bless...I'm Back!!!!

    hjv says:

    Just want to comment on Neil's comment. If you're a guy, you may not understand how romantic this post is, for us gals. Of course, this may just be an "ideal act" coming from a guy but it doesn't hurt to dream anyway. :)

    Ms Nancy, thanks for the reply. Sure, I won't forget to attach the permalink. Anyway, just for info, one needs to sign in to multiply before you can drop a comment. Thanks again!

    Nancy says:

    @ Neil:

    thanks for sharing your point of view, Neil... but for me there's no greater feeling than being cared and loved and to reach out and give love to others as well...


    thanks for coming back...i don't think I have the time to join another online community as of yet, sis but thanks for inviting...hope to hear from you again, TC!

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