excuse me... i'm a sis, not a bro!



My profile photo... my long hair... my name NANCY... Don't these clue tells enough???

tsk...tsk...tskk... shame, shame!

The reason why we place a profile picture in our pages is for our readers and new visitors to know how to address us whenever they want to leave us a message or a comment perhaps on our posts. I know my other blog Peaceful Mind wears a hardy color theme (a combination of black, blue and yellow) but my goodness! don't my name on my profile plus the header describes enough that I'm a [fee-meyl]?

This isn't the first time that someone who hopped on my page(s) calls me BRO...

Excuse me?!!!!

I mean, don't you think it's annoying? Did this person even looked around my page or does he/she just went there to look for my cbox , wrote and left? For what...? for the mere sake of blog hopping? Well, I'm not complaining! I don't think I am... not at all. And I don't think either it's my business on however the other wants to gain traffic on their blogs.

I am simply expressing my reaction on the matter. We are publishing online... and it means worldwide.

2 Response to "excuse me... i'm a sis, not a bro!"

  1. Lynn says:

    bloopers!!! keep your cool, sis. malamang copy paste lang niya messages niya and wala na niya nailisdan ang bro. lol.

    haaay na lang. daghan samok sa cbox ba mao bitaw gitanggal na lang nako akoa. :)

    smile na sis. ingatz! (",)

    TroubleX2 says:

    Let's see....Nancy...hhhmmmmm. Yep, pretty sure that's a FEMALE name. LOL :)

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