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My love to sports specially basketball grew when me and my younger brother has to compete who will hold the remote to control our TV. We only have one television set at home back then. He loves to watch sports channel while I was always hoping to watch the morning news. So as an older sister, I have to give way to avoid early morning argument since I noticed how he so much love to keep track to his favorite NBA team, the Chicago Bulls where of course the popular and the ever amazing Michael Jordan was playing with. Oh well, this has been the usual scenario in our house almost every morning before and since there's was nothing left for me to do, I pretty much find myself sitting and watching along with my brother while trying to enjoy the game he's watching as well... and eventually, I did.

There'd been too many highlights to enumerate and too many brilliant plays to count but to bring back some of the fun and memories, here's few of Air Jordan's top amazing moves as he reigns the ring being the world's most dominant basketball player of the 90s'. Hope you enjoy this one.

By the way, if you also wish to keep memories of your favorite sports videos, I suggest you upload it to sports vids like I did. Sportsvids is a one stop shop where you can get your favorite online sports videos or any sports clips that you wish to have. Signing up is for free and to enjoy it some more, you can as well invite your friends to do the same.

So, who had won the game? Check it out from Sportsvid!


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