oktoberfest na!



Happy October Ist!

And to us Pinoy's, October means, OKTOBERFEST NA!

We know Oktoberfest is well-recognized worldwide as a month-long beer festival. San Miguel Oktoberfest, recognized by the Department of Tourism (DoT) here in the Philippines as an official fiesta celebration. This time the the country's first and most loved beer brand San Miguel Pale Pilsen will try to get Filipinos on the record books by holding the biggest Oktoberfest celebration ever and getting beer lovers to raise their glasses and toast at the same time. (The current record is 13,500 people, set by the United States in Las Vegas, Nevada. )

Of course this event wouldn't be perfect without the presence of the country's hottest bands including some popular foreign band to provide entertainment to the toasting crowd.

Oktober Fiesta celebration will also be simultaneously welcomed by the major cities in the country like Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu; Iloilo, Davao, Olongapo and Sta. Rosa City.

ThIS event is open to all...



2 Response to "oktoberfest na!"

  1. Lynn says:


    Musta Sis? Sorry about your PR but don't worry, i know you'll get it back soon just like mine.


    Bacolenon would love to add San Miguel Oktoberfest to the Masskara Festival Celebration. It will be a double party and double lasing din sa mga lasingero...hehehehe.

    Sana sa susunod my Oktoberfest na sa Bacolod...

    Kari kamu sa Bacolod dala Masskara!!!

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