catch of the day: $1.75 worth house on eBay



Who would imagine having an instant house for $1.75?

As I was to check my email this afternoon, this news from yahoo caught my attention. A house worth
$1.75 in Saginaw, Michigan was won by a 30 year old top bidder, Joanne Smith from Chicago on eBay's home auction recently.


3 Response to "catch of the day: $1.75 worth house on eBay"

  1. anneberly says:

    this will really scare me Nancy. Too cheap. Baka may patayan diyan dati..lols.
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    Liza says:

    siguro me something mysterious dyan kaya ganyan kamura, hehe.

    it's my blog anniversary and i have made a tribute to my online friends, kasali ka dun ;)

    take care.

    This is very depressing to me that the US economy has hit rock bottom so hard, but I figure we deserve it. I may be a conspiracy therorist, but you reap what you sow, and the US has a lot to pay for.

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