gratefully wondering...



Last week when Google updated the page rankings, I got this page as one of the unfortunates to have lose it's share.

...or could it just be a mere inaccuracy? hmm...would you know? No...I can't really tell..

Anyway, before you can take it too far, I am simply wondering here... how Google manage to gave my page rank back that quick. It's been only 5 days since they last updated.

Now, I am not being phony here. Of course Google made me feel delighted today... seeing that green little button alive again for the third time, lol! Curious lang talaga ako...

But, thanks to Google, anyway. I can count this as my blessing of the day!

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1 Response to "gratefully wondering..."

  1. i have the same question. see a week ago and i check my page rank yesterday it is still the same not till this morning it is gone. waahhh so upset.

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