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If you happened to read the preceding entry I posted here, you can imagine how big my frustration was on the successful yet busted domain purchase I made to blogger a week ago. Successful... because, it was successfully registered with, the authorized domain seller and supposedly be automatically configured to work with Google Apps but they seemed to mess up with it.

Ok, so this is what happened...
07 of Spetember, I tried to buy a custom domain for this page via blogger. Initially, I wanted to use for my domain but the prompt says it's no longer available. So I changed it to and it worked. After a while I received successive mails from blogger stating the confirmation of the successful domain purchase as well as this order receipt.

Shipping Status Qty Item Price
Digital delivery 1 Domain Registration - 1 year registration for, powered by $10.00
I wonder why when the successful registration was for I was confused but not really that much till the next 3 days when that redirection alert came up that resulted to an ERROR 404 message. This message that I so frustratingly tried to figure out is what prompted me to write the post here. My disappointment from blogger took the best out of me that day that all I just wanted to do is to revert my address back to where it was and no longer give a damn care to such domain thing.

This morning, as we we're talking, I asked my boyfriend JK [in the US] if he can possibly call Google Apps or for me to ask if there's any way I can request for a refund since I already have reverted my URL to blogspot. He did and a certain Nat from told him that the domain is currently registered and active under their control.... and had wandered elsewhere?!! Haha... this is funny! He actually mentioned the name of the seller earlier but it now slipped my mind.

Grrrr!!!! Isn't this terrible?

Well, anyway it really doesn't matter now. Nat was so kind to have informed us that my valid domain was and the other one was a trash. Hmm... so be it! So, my so..... patient BF hanged up the phone and started reconfiguring my so... hmm... "slippery?" domain, lol... while the Nancy [me] on the other side of the net was wondering whether he can make it or not... After a while, a message from him on my instant messenger popped up saying


Hahaha... amazing! just so smart of him cause he really made it work. Yahoooo! Nancy is really in her happiest this morning, lol! Now as you can see on the address bar, blogspot is no longer there.

Thank you so much, sweetheart. You're really the greatest! Love you so much!!

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  1. Neil says:

    Congrats, at last your problem is solved, nice to hear that you happy with your new domain name.

    JK says:

    Thank you my Babydoll for your sweet and kind words You are worth my time to help you... You are my love... So Beautiful and sexy... hugs and kisses... It is my pleasure when it comes to you sexy...

    Liza says:

    congrats! buti naman at naayos mo na rin. i updated the link already ;)

    Lynn says:

    Glad to know that everything is A-ok now, Nans. Congrats! Already updated your url na rin.

    Take care!

    Mariuca says:

    Hi dear! I have ur blog as

    This is the correct URL yes?

    anneberly says:

    congrats to your new domain. I update the Url Nancy. Thanks for informing me
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