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My apology to my online friends and those who have tried to drop by here lately. I am having trouble with blogger recently... seems like they're acting up again. Last week I successfully had purchased a custom domain for this page from them and and was told to be automatically redirected in 3 days. Yesterday, as I tried accessing my old blogspot hosted address which was the , this is what the blogger has prompted:

You're about to be redirected

The blog that used to be here is now at
Do you wish to be redirected?

An ERROR 404 prompt appears on the screen as I clicked the YES button. So what is this? I asked myself and tried it again anyway thinking that it would work out right after several attempts but no. Should I be bothered with this? YES! There's nowhere to find my blog for long hours no matter how I tried. I've been feeling so frantic since yesterday. Been trying like hell to find out where to address my issue and who to talk to since blogger don't really have a live tech support to immediately respond to people's queries and concerns. This is so disappointing! I have received purchase order receipt in my mail but can't even find it posted to my Google Apps account while they already have successfully subtracted $10 from my visa account. So what on earth is going on here? I mean I have carefully followed every step to do it right on my part. Something is inappropriate from their end. I honestly don't know what else to do here. I already have tried reaching out to them through their help desk as well as posting my issue to their forum section but that doesn't really answer my problem. The links they indicated in the purchase order receipt where I am suppose to track my order is not working either. That really pissed me off!
I mean for me this is plain and simple stupidity... or...should I say... graft??

Well unless they would communicate and point it out what the real problem is, if there's any not only to me because I believe many had encountered the same trouble based on what I have read from their forum section. Cause I really don't think its justifiable for anybody to have spend any amount be it small or big for something in a position of good trust only to get screwed up in the end.

This is not a fair practice. I know there are numbers of blogger out there who have experience different issues with blogger. I wish they could straightened things up. Well for me, if I can't get what I payed for from them, it is only apt to ask for a refund and that's what I'm gonna be doing next unless they have my issue fixed.

By the way, I wanna extend my appreciation to some good friends from here. They were those I turned to for some help and advice when I needed it most this morning before I decided to have my blog reverted to blogspot.

Thanks to:

Ruby of

Rubs, damo gid salamat (thank you so much) for your helpful opinions and for being so warm. You're such a mommy!

To Lainy of Lainy's Musings ...

sis, for your time alone, thank you. I may still consider what you have suggested earlier...

And to my dear JK...

for always being there... Hon, I know we have personal issues too lately but then you never failed to help me out in any form of problem that comes my way. Thank you for being nice even if I'm not, sometimes...oopps!! (personal... lol!)

Anyways, I guess I already have spit enough of my frustrations here. That would be all for now...

I wish you all a happy weekend!!

'till then.

8 Response to "nowhere to find ..."

  1. Neil says:


    Tnx for visiting my blog again and leaving a comment in my photo...i'll just make it clear to you na ang girl sa picture d ko yun girlfriend, i dont have a girlfriend...hehehehehe.

    About your problem sa domain name redirection mo just let me know what I can do to help if d parin maayos.

    Anonymous says:


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    If you are interested, kindly mail back at, indicating your blog for reference, and I'll send you back pricing details, guidelines and processes. Looking forward to doing business with you.



    Lynn says:

    Hello Nans!

    I actually visited here yesterday or the other day i guess, and i was redirected pero wala, there's an error daw. I was gonna congratulate u for your domain na sana.

    Anyways, i also tried buying a domain before pero palpak din. Sa inis ko, wa na nako gipadayun. Gisamokan ko.

    Hope you'll be able to resolve this soon enough. Cheer up Sis! (",)

    Lainy says:

    DOn't mention it Nance. I feel sorry I wasn't able to help you out. But if in case, just message me and we will ask my friend's help. He just made another blog for me last night,my subdomain for Sus, kung wala sya unsaon nalang jud nako! Maayo nalang naay mga friends nga willing mutabang pareha niya. I hope you could purchase a domain for yourself soon.

    All the Best,

    anneberly says:

    it is sometimes pain in a ass to buy a domain unless you know more about web developing. but on my cousin's experience, she publish her to her old blogspot account and republish it again to the custom domain URL to solve the 404 error so she have to pay double time
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    JK says:
    Is the proper url.

    Well after talkng to Nat at for you I was happy we could figure out the problem... It was my pleasure to help you set up you url... I love you so much baby... Mahal na Mahal kita... I am lucky to have a girlfriend like you... Thank you sweetheart...
    And I get to be the first to comment on your new URL... Love you...

    Nancy says:


    thank you sweetheart. you're really great. I love you so much too!

    to all,

    thanks for sharing your opinions and for the kind thought of helping me out. I wanna wish you all more blogging success.

    thanks a lot!!

    Anonymous says:

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