thank you!



Just a quick acknowledgment to everyone who had updated my site's URL on their respective pages. I may not be able to write down each of your names here but the favors you did were really appreciated.

For the effort of those who haven't change it yet and are still trying to spend their time, I wanna thank you all ahead.

from the admin of

4 Response to "thank you!"

  1. Lynn says:

    You're very much welcome, Sis.

    Ako kaya when magka domain? Hehe.

    Shrav says:

    Hey, I'm really really sorry!! :(.. I guess I missed your name while changing my theme :(.. Do leave a comment on your new address and I'll put it up!

    JK says:

    I love you Sweetheart... Nice to see your so happy with your new domain...

    Nancy says:

    you're all welcome!


    I love you too sweetheart!

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