should I complain?



My relationship with JK has been an open book in this blogging community. I am glad that there are people whom we really don't personally know but have shown some interest and importance to whatever there is about us that we are trying to share. A long distance relationship like what we have now is one thing I least expected to happen to me but it did. It just did and sure it's just as tough but we are trying to make it work one way or another.

Sometime in July, I started working out on some international travel documents in case I may need it in the future. Of course I have to start with a passport but prior to that I need to secure some local clearances first like the Barangay and Police Clearance. For each request I need to state what my purpose was. For Abroad! The local police station here in Moalboal, Cebu was the last office I went through and I was dead shock to know how much do I need to pay for just a single sheet of paper... (I'm talking about the police clearance) request:

The officer: Unsay purpose mam? (Purpose please, mam?)
Me: For Abroad
The officer: Php 470.00 for the clearance plus 30.00 for the documentary stamp.

I was like... What!!! Are you for real?? Talagang sagad, ha...wala ng suklian!

I wanted to question why they charge that high but then again, even if I do, I know I won't be having a choice. Although I know from the start how "some" people do their "businesses" here being in a place mostly visited by foreign people... Pero pati ba naman government services ganun din?!! from what I understand kasi from here pag sinabing "for abroad" they would! dollar eto!! (haha). Sounds funny , huh but actually it's not! Disappointing! And I really mean so disappointing... I don't really's not my attitude. ... kaya lang hindi ba nakakainis ang ganun? Yung parang naisahan ka pero wala kang magawa? but I did. I still did pay for the so damn price kahit hindi medyo kundi talagang mabigat yun sa dibdib ko. Sigh!! I really wish I was in Davao when I did. Dito kasi from what I have observed from people with the same experience, when it comes to travel document processing especially for abroad, lahat dollar priced, daig pa ang EVAT (Extended Value Added Tax) ni Presidente Gloria... Hello... hindi kaya kami foreigner, ano!

Tsk..tsk..tsk... hayy....ewan ko ba!!!

***This is not to offend anyone but come to think of it... They simply were just trying to impart the other side of the face of a public servant the way most affected people perceived it. I guess you know what I mean!

*** To my foreign readers... I regret to use some vernacular words in this post... but sometimes feeling can be best expressed when it's locally articulated.

7 Response to "should I complain?"

  1. Ha, ;-)

    So that was your first time?
    It's normal here in my country "playing" like that... ;-)

    p/s: They even wear a badge that said, "I am anti corruption"...

    Hahaha, actually they should use "I'm waiting corruption"...

    No offence...
    It's happening see...

    JK says:

    Hi it is everywhere and we all have to deal with it sometimes...

    Lets see what we can do to get you here with out anymore diverted funds lol
    love you... Mahal na mahal kita...

    Relax lang, Nance! It happens everywhere but it shouldn't be tolerated. Was the charge made with an official receipt attached? COz if not, binulsa nya ang pera!

    The Philippine government services really sucks! I hate to say this and I hate it even more to make it known that I am a public servant myself. But I refused to be molded into the system that's why people at work would always consider me the antagonist.

    Anyways, things will be a whole lot different and a whole lot better when you're with JIM in the future. JUst always look on the positive side of things.

    Good luck in every endeavor you wish to undertake.

    All the Best,


    Nancy says:


    thank you sis..dili man jud nako malikayan oi..makasapot jud huna-hunaon..hehe..pero cge nalang, ani na man gyud cguro...

    Anonymous says:

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    Stev&Emz says:

    wow! thats too much sis. is should only be 30. or maybe free! lol.

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