bitter, better day!



Sigh! What a day I have had today! It started just fine with the usual talk with JK. It's usually how it has been. He's always there everytime I wake up in the morning... I never fail to receive off line messages from him every time I sign in to YM telling that he's home, he's missing me, wondering if I'm awake or still sleeping, I love you(s) and etc. But to be quite honest, this time around, although we started the conversation right, we still ended up in a not so good tone. In short...we argued! Yes we do... and not only did it happen to us once but several times... but still here we are.

A few hours after he went to bed this afternoon, my belly's terribly acting up! And I really mean so bad that I couldn't move around, my body's stiff and my legs got numbed. I was by myself and no one to turn to. I tried buzzing, calling JK's computer and managed to left a few messages though I knew he was sound asleep but before he knew it, my body already consumed terrible pain. I got dizzy, sweats were running down my body and all just went blank. I didn't even know how long I was like dead unconscious but a call from JK woke me up. He sounded worried and scared. Yes he was! He wired my sister, Thea (from Pennsylvania to Cebu, lol...) just to inform her that I needed some help...and I really admired him for that. He's such a caring person and I am just so blessed to have him. No matter how hard things can be for us sometimes, despite my impatience, and even if I am in my most unlikeable self, he remains calm and never runs out of ways to lighten up the mood. That's what my man is made of... he never fails to turn me on!

9 Response to "bitter, better day!"

  1. hope you're feeling better now, nans! you're one lucky girl, having JK so caring! and of course, he's also lucky to have you!

    take care always!

    Nancy says:

    i'm doing better now sheng...thanks for the kind words and for being such a nice friend... JK and I are glad to have u as our online friend...

    you have a good day!

    Liza says:

    what happened to you? i hope it's nothing serious and i hope you're alright. im glad you're lucky to have a caring husband ;)

    take care.

    Euroangel says:

    poor girl!!hope you feel better now!!...keep praying for your relationship!! such a caring man you have...congrats..thanks for the visit in my blog..

    please feel free to visit my other sites..thanks in advance..have fun!! have a great day!!

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    Lynn says:

    Arguments spiced up a relationship, as they say. It's healthy and normal. I know your love for each other will keep u both together, forever. (",)

    Glad you're better now. Lucky u with JK, and lucky him too for having u.

    Take care to both of u.

    Haaay...ang gugma jud... Lol!

    I'm back Nancang~~
    pero hawa na sad for another project.
    Miss you

    Laarni says:

    But you are okay now, right? :D

    nisha says:

    Oh thats sound really bad.. i know how you could've felt. But yeah, nice having someone in our lives who love and care for us so much.. wish you the love forever!:)

    Please take the award.. hope you like it:)

    Nancy says:

    thank you all for your kind wishes...

    God bless you a hundredfold in return!

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