happy birthday, sweetheart!




Someone's very dear to me is turning a year older and celebrating his birthday today. I feel a bit sad coz we could have had celebrated this occasion in one place together if only things happened the JK and Nancy's way. But I always believe things has to happen in its own ways and time. We still have each other, tho. We still somehow had some fun talking online, sharing same thoughts like we always do.

Once he asked me... what made me love him... and I simply told him... it's because he is what he is. I knew he wasn't satisfied with the answer I gave him. But sweetheart, you are a very wonderful person, with a soft and a very warm heart. I know you're not perfect... No one is! You got every share of life's miseries no one could ever imagine but still you manage to teach me how to live a hopeful life. You taught me how to take things and and let them happen the positive and the subtle way. For me you're truly a man and I love you... I really do!

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2 Response to "happy birthday, sweetheart!"

  1. Lynn says:

    So, it's JK's birthday. Haven't had visited him in a while.

    Happy birthday to your beloved JK, girl.

    Will greet him too after this. Good night!

    Nancy says:

    Hello Lynn..yes it's his birthday today..thanks for stopping by and for your warm greetings...

    Nighty, night!

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