bringing back the smile



From the title itself you must have at least a sort of a clue what have I been through. Well, it's nothing really serious at all. Childishness and immaturity had just taken it's toll on me few weeks back. Simply because things don't seems to happen my way and so I let frustration ruled me for quite a while but then instead of helping, it just worsen the situation even more... Can you imagine yourself living everyday wearing nothing in your face but frown? Silly! But that's exactly how I was.

Today, I'm glad I have finally stumbled into where the light was. I don't care where it came from. It doesn't matter. All I care is I have just put back the grin on a man's face whose heart I was once terribly hurt. That was so cognizant of him to have just tolerate my pointlessness. And despite the hurtin' he got from me, it's still overwhelming to see him dead-serious while he keep on saying he still do care so much...

Thank you for the constant reassurance , sweetheart. It feels great to bring us back from where we were before. I love you so much!

2 Response to "bringing back the smile"

  1. Lynn says:

    Good to know that, Sis. How sweet! (",)

    Anyways, katag-an na ka atong brain twister nako sis? kutaw jud ako utok ato ba. hehe.

    Nancy says:

    Salamat Lynn...pero wa pa jud tawon..kada balik nako mo lili jud ko!

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