Hello all!

I have mentioned in one or two of my posts here as well as to my other page how I missed my place and my family. How I long to be with them one of these days. Now it's not gonna be a dream for me no more because tomorrow me, my sister together with my nieces are off to finally visit them. I know I haven't mention it here since the plan came up. My older sister initiated a family reunion for us along with the fiesta celebration in our town. Last Friday (18th) she wired us money for our plane tickets but unfortunately the airline company where we are suppose to book our flight doesn't allow infant passenger that ages 20days below. My sister just gave birth to my niece for about 2 week ago now and for that reason alone we cannot afford to leave the baby behind. So that leaves us no choice but to get a trip via sea. I made another query online and I really appreciate Aboitiz Transport System's (ATS) quick prompt saying that they allow infant passenger of any age to board in any of their ships. Thanks God! That email of confirmation from certain Bryan of ATS really brightens my day!

Yesterday, I went to the city for the ticket booking. First I was hesitant because I am worried of my sister if she's already able for a long distance trip since we can't make it short. I called her over the phone twice and got our tickets finally booked as soon as she confirmed that she'll be fine. She don't wanna miss the gathering as well and I know my Mama and the rest of my family's been wanting to see us in as much as we do. So right now, we're excited. We can't just wait to be at last with our family again after over a year. I hope you are with me in my prayers for the safety of our trip tomorrow.


3 Response to "finally..."

  1. Rocks says:

    hi nancy! enjoy your 2 week vacation with your family! enjoy every moment spent with them, naku ako I wish I could have a long vacation like that :)

    Rocks says:

    by the way, when you get back home I've something special for you waiting at my blog :)

    JK says:

    Hi sweetie, how are you hope your all having fun... I enjoyed the little time we had last night... was great to hear from you... Glad your all having a great time... Love you hugs and Kisses...

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