A recent survey conducted by a US-based research company has revealed the growing numbers of Filipino broadband consumers wherein nearly half of these subscribers are categorized as Entertainment and Social Fanatics who frequently do online activities such as accessing personal emails, visit online communities, blog and make online search. Hmm... what does this survey is trying to convey? I may say that my subscription for a broadband internet connection made a clear twist when it comes to my lifestyle. The daily dose of news that I get before mostly from watching TV, listening to radio and reading newspapers once in a while are all but gone. My eating habit becomes irregular or shall I say, more worst than better coz I really don't eat on time, lol. My sleeping hours had been stretched out. In other words, this internet thing is taking the best out of me. For me, it's kinda addictive, lol! I know this ain't a good practice but hey, there is one thing I am sure of... I'm pretty certain I am not doing this alone! Correct me if I'm wrong. Place your comment below if you disagree but that is how I see it.

5 Response to "hooked!"

  1. Darlyn says:

    you have a different but fabulous idea.. keep up the good work...

    Indeed i enjoy reading your post... have a nice day ahead... keep updating

    There was a time I would have agreed with you, but I actually don't allow the internet (or highspeed) to control my life so much. The only real hold it has on me is this most addictive practice called blogging :O)

    Anonymous says:

    I am just plain addicted to my pc altogether, and the certain special people on the other end... I I need my PC and High seed to connect to loved ones that other wise would cost a fortune to do so. I enjoy other thing in my life as well while spending time with loved oones I wath tv with my loved ones, or play games... If it was no for the high speed I would not have met my loved one so I can agree if i need high speed to stay happy the so be it...

    Nancy says:

    hello here...

    glad to hear all your comments and I'm happy to share common experiences with you, but i guess comment #2 is somewhat right. hmm...we shouldn't allow anything to control our lives...yeah, i believe so.(wink!)

    well...i am a certified blogging addict...and thats about it! hehehehe

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