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I miss Davao... I really do! I've been staying here in Cebu for nearly 2 months now and yet, there are still instances wherein I still can't figure myself adapting the way of life that I am suppose to get use to. It's a bit hard but I don't think I have the right to question a place why it can't give me at least half of the convenience I got from where I have lived before. (sigh!) But please don't get me wrong, this isn't the most unlikable place I've ever been yet, in fact, this is the most visited scuba diving spot here in the queen city of the south. Yes, I live in a resort area. It's a great vacation destination but if I may have to choose, I still would love to live in a place where everything are practically available for everybody's convenience.Don't you think so?

3 Response to "missing home"

  1. Tahn says:

    nice blog :)

    Anonymous says:

    Well if you are truly unhappy with where you live then why dont you move back to the place you love so much? If you really dont want to live where you are living then why do so? I you need to move to your old area to be happy then why dont you move back and be happy once again. Is there anything holding you to the place you are now? Is it worth staying where you are compaired to where you were? Way the options and figure out what you really want then go for it. We all have a right to be happy. There must be reasons why you move there in the first place. Only you know what you want out of life and where you want to be in life so it sounds like you have some choices and only you can choose. God Bless and good luck with what ever you decide.

    lareine says:

    hi there nancy!

    thanks for dropping by my site... about being homesick, well, give yourself time to adjust to your new place... don't rush, you will learn your way around... just hold one...

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