An Amazing Dream



I remember the night before my flight going here in Cebu, I dreamed an amazing dream. I call it extraordinary because somehow in my thoughts, the message of that dream might have something to do with me and my plans. My best friend allows me to spend the night at their house the night before I left and while we were peacefully laying ourselves on a separate couch, I found myself having a bizarre dream. A row of brightly shined stars were vertically aligned right before my eyes. While other has to fall from the bottom, one has to fill in and it keeps on rolling till they fall altogether. The shimmering stars made the night like a day. Surprisingly a clear appearance of a rainbow up above the sky took place when the stars faded away.... HMM...A NIGHT RAINBOW? Sounds absurd, huh! Yes it was... But whatever that dream was trying to convey, I would still love to realize what it is. Maybe not today...might be tomorrow or someday!!!

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  1. wow! it's really sound amazing to me too. by the way, hope to hear from you again posting. i heard you were hospitalized. i wish your love life to be fulfilled soon too. :wink:

    JK says:
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    JK says:

    It would seem that as in your life...

    One thing shall fall into place at a time - One star after another..

    Then when all the pieces are there they will all fall in to place - All stars aligned and falling in to place...

    Finally you are at peace with the reflections yourself after everything falls in to place and the clouds have parted - Rainbow appearing...

    Deden says:

    may that dream became a sign for your better future!

    Hi Nancy..may your dreams come true..whatever it is, I'm wishing you all the best yea.

    Wow, Cebu is one of a beautiful island in Philippines....the beaches are beautiful with blue water and lots to offer!

    Have a gr8 day my friend.
    Big hugs*

    elayas says:

    wow... good mood ang ginang. ahehehe ayos pa nman ang maloong seminarista ng blogroll mo..;)


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