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For less than a year of existence, Just the way it is... has already been showered with lots of fabulous awards from lots of cordial bloggers in this community and I shall always be thankful for these people not only for expressing their kindness but for also displaying their interest on what have been written on my page...

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Just this morning, I was surprised to have receive this specially designed award from an important person in my life. Perhaps, I need not to mention his name for his signature was written inside and maybe some of you might know him as well...Ohh, I just can't get rid of surprises from him. He's so full of them from every now and then. I wonder what could have been the next??!! lol... Anyways, it's just so hard to exemplify it but I've been drawing a lot of inspiration and strength from this man and I just wanna thank him for unconditionally taking me for what I am... for every little thing he does... and for the continuously manifested care and affection. Thank you so much...

For countless times, you told me how special I am...just wanna say whatever emotions there is you have for me...they are being retaliated for I believe they are honest and true:-)

2 Response to "Most Creative Award"

  1. JK says:

    Thank you for the kind word ... I love you Sweetheart... And I can see how much you love me as well it shows in all you do and have done for me as well... You are a special person and dont ever let anyone tell you other wise...

    hey that was nice. nakaka kilig yan

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