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If you would like to make your PC run smoother stop and get a great memory deal on ram at If your a blogger and you would like you pages to load smoother, one way to make this happen would be to add more ram to your system. Gamers often up the ram in their PC's to maintain a certain level of pc performance. Generally when you by a prefab PC the manufacture uses the basic requirements for the operating system. If you are looking at it a performance point of view then you will want to get a deal on memory. By adding more computer memory to your system you are reducing the load on your CPU leaving the CPU process with out straining its thresh holds giving the PC better performance. Windows 89 and older will only use a max of 512mb of RAM placing more will not give any better performance. Windows XP and newer will accommodate the amount the Motherboard can take typically between 1GB and 8GB depending on the motherboard. Adding RAM is a cheap way of getting the best performance out of your PC. Gamers have been aware of this for quite sometime and typically use 2GB to 4 GB in their systems to maintain stability in game play. Bloggers can also do this to help load pages with heave graphics as well. More RAM also helps to support you graphics card as well. So if a blogger wanted pages with music, videos, or lots of graphics to load easily they would just need to up their RAM to gain better performance form their PC. This would also help Bloggers in the time it takes for their postings because of the CPU having less strain on it. Your processor my process at 50% capacity instead of 100% keeping a smooth transition. So, if you really want quality performance then a cheap way is to stop at and buy some RAM. Before you do check with the manufacture of the PC and view the RAM specs so you but the proper ram as there are several types of RAM. Once you now what you need then you may purchase your RAM with confidence.

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