An Exterme Wonder!



...this is how she look before
A 2-year old Indian girl who's story became a news headliner and stirring not only India but also some other parts of the world a week ago. Lakshmi, a native from Bangalore, Southern India was born with 4 arms and 4 legs in which the experts described as a "parasitic twin".

Nov.7, wednesday, this girl was found to be stable at the hospital after a formidable 24- hour marathon operation attended by more than 30 surgeons performing the procedure to remove Lakshmi's extra limbs, retrieve her organs and rebuild her pelvis area which was the most infected part of her body. And take note...the whole procedure costs $625,000, all for free! (Imagine that amount converted to Philippine Peso!) What an enormous act just to SAVE a human life.

Woww! That was incredible! How on earth was an innocent able to maintain her courage and strenght to endure such gruelling surgery? Amazing! This little girl is a living proof that God really does miracles...

I don't know what's in the face of this girl that really touches my inner self. Perhaps, her being so subtle and fragile; or maybe, it's just simply her being special!

. . .and here she is now after the operation :-)

Photos courtesy of The Associated Press

2 Response to "An Exterme Wonder!"

  1. ev says:

    God really does miracle ciang..its just a matter of faith. and i do hope that this story will inspire you as you are about to face a new challenge in your life and a challenge to how strong your faith in God is.

    as i keep telling you...God takes control...just hold on to HIM tight!

    speed on my fren!

    lira says:

    she looks abnormal yet I see the happiness in her face.

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