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The Philippine National Red Cross, Davao Chapter, hold its annual bloodletting today...It is an act of withdrawing of often extensive quantities of blood (about 450-500 cc) from a qualified donor/patient in the hopeful belief that this would cure or prevent a great various illnesses and deceases.

I was once a blood donor of last year's Dugong Bombo!, a nationwide and simultaneous bloodletting campaign hosted by Bombo Radyo and Star FM, both a local radio stations here in Davao City in cooperation with the Philippine National Red Cross.

That experience was quite considerable because my fear in medical syringes and needles was overcome but apart from that, the most important thing was the realization that I am in anyway healthy because screening will be conducted first to see to it that one is qualified in donating blood. Never did I assume any benefit I could get out from the act of extracting a bag of fresh blood from my own body; until such time that I, myself need to secure one for my up-coming surgery. I didn't know at all that my blood's worth will be blended with some self - centered interests...(if I may say so...)

Nov.5, monday, I made my way to the Bombo Radyo Station to get my membership card being a donor. I directly approach the station's researcher, who happens to be my supervisor during my practicum way back in college.... And here's how our conversatin goes...

me: hi mam ..goodmorning! kahinumdum paka sa akoa mam?
she: (trying to ponder...)familiar imong nawong.

me: nancy mam oi...practicumer ninyo sa una.
she: aw o, tama...kahinumdum ko...unsa ma'y ato?
me: kuhaon unta nko to akong ID sa Red Cross mam ky mo avail unta ko ug dugo.
she: ngano man...naunsa man diay ka?
me: operahanan lagi ko mam sa ovary.
she:(a little shocked!)

She draw out a piece of blue card and handed it to me. It marks the Philippine National Red Cross logo and a label: Donor's Membership Card...As I examine the piece, the indicated space for the donor's name was already filled-up and so I asked...

me: naka fill in na man lagi ning card mam..Dili ba ta ma question ani nga ako ang mag request unya lain man ning naka sulat na pangalan diri sa akong card.
she: sige lang...dili na problema. Adto ka didto sa office sa Red Cross karon unya pangitaa lng si Darius.
me: kinsa man na si Darius mam?
she: basta pangitaa lang sya didto, ingna nga gikan ka sa ako.
me: sige mam... adtuon lang nako didto karon...unya dili nko magdugay mam...

That same day, I came to approach the security guard of the PNRC to look for Darius only to find out that he was not around so I headed to the"transaction desk" and there I get to talk with the personnel on duty. After explaining to him the full detail of what am I there for, he instructed me to get back to Bombo Radyo, ask for a certification from them for me to avail the blood for free..Knowing that fact of course, I was lightened. (At least maka save ko...imagine , 1, 500 pesos for a savings!)

Thursday of the same week at the radio station....
The researcher was doing something on her old typewriter as I came in.

me: mam nibalik require man ko sa Red Cross ug certification gikan diri sa inyong office mam, pamatuod nga ako mismo ang donor.
she: ay dili na man kinahanglan na, basta ihatag lang na kang Darius sya na bahala ana. Ayaw na pngita ug lain, sya lang i-approach.
me: (trying to explain) pero mam mahulog ra man gud ko nga beneficiary aning pangalan na nakasulat sa akong card so dili ko entitled sa full previlege na maka avail ug free nga dugo.
she: ay dili man gud na sya ingon nga libre. Magbayad man ka ana ug 900 (pesos) para sa processing fee.

Shocked! In my mind: "ngano ana man sya mo sulti nga ang taga redcross man mismo ni ingon s akoa nga free as long as certified nga donor ka." (Hmmm...mura'g naa'y di maayo ani dah!) I am not trying to be hypocrite here. Who would not want to save... and besides, that is my previlege!

From then on, I opted not to argue with her any further. I made my way back to the PNRC office to do another explaining...This time, the woman I talked to got my full name and asked me to return saturday, that's today and so when I got there this morning, the same woman informed me that I can now get the blood (all for free!) anytime before my admission.

Half relieved, half disappointed, I stepped out the building...

Whatever are their intentions...that experience confirms that things will really happen the way it should be!

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  1. ann says:

    Wala bang tagalog translation yung dialogue...hehehe.

    Happy weekend !

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