Opting For a New Car in Exchange for Peace of Mind



No matter how much affection we develop for our valued possession- (well a car on my friend’s case), at some point and for compelling reasons we just have to give it up and move on. I must have mentioned about this a couple weeks ago. Being an essential component of his day to day life, he had to waste no time in finding a replacement to what he has given up (his car) in exchange for peace of mind. Fortunately, he got it after a little over a week of searching.

Buying a car is not on my wish list but I certainly would want to have one for myself when I could one day so I actually didn’t mind him running on it all through-out his search. He even once asked my opinion but what do I really know about cars? I can only pick out my favorite according to its brand and look but other than that I know nothing else. If I ever buy myself a car I would definitely be in need of an expert or better yet read tons of car buying tips online. Thankfully the process of buying anything just got smarter these days using the power of the internet – and yes that includes buying a car.

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4 Response to "Opting For a New Car in Exchange for Peace of Mind"

  1. yay.. let's buy a new car then..

    genny says:

    driving my own car is one of my dreams, however, the time is not perfect yet. still i am looking and searching for a nice and affordable car so that when I have the money, i know what to buy. i will include this brand in my list...hopefully when the time comes, the company is on sale.

    sir rob says:

    A friend of mine always said that if you are rich buy a used car because you'll get many headaches from it if you don't know the previous owner.

    Buying and driving my own car was once a dream, and when I owned and drove one, I couldn't believe it. I never thought I will know how to drive.

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