Even As Little As He Own



He has it for years. It made his life easier. It gives him the freedom of conveniently getting from point A to B on a daily basis. But one unfortunate event happened one day that eventually led him to let go of his then travel-friendly buddy - his car. Although getting rid of it is totally against his will, he has no choice but to do so to avoid further conflict. Now he’s out searching while hoping to get the best deal there is that he could get at the earliest time possible and live life back the way he did.

A car to some may just be a luxury but to many it is an essential facility especially to those who are living in small cities in the United States where public transportation is very limited. Even if you say you live close to where you work, still, a car is important to have a life. You can conveniently go on shopping, hang out with friends or go on a short drive to the park on weekends for a little bit change of environment. I don’t think that’s too much for a favor you can give to yourself after all the hard work you have to do each day.

To my friend, even as little as he own, he would still prefer having a car more than anything else. People of the same social status as his may think it’s an illusion but to him a car is a car - doesn’t have to be a luxurious one. There are places like St George car dealerships where you can buy reasonably priced used cars. He actually found one already but still on a negotiation process. If things will work out fine he should be taking it home in less than a week.

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