First Giveaway Fortune of the Year



It is $25 PayPal Cash from Borris Garcia’s $100 Vacation Giveaway from last week!

I seldom join online giveaways. If not for him being a member of the Facebook group BISDAK, I wouldn’t have bothered.

 From a grocery shopping one afternoon, I checked my email like I used to every now and then and there’s this good news! It isn’t that much cash but the fact that it was unexpected just made me want to shout for joy!

I PMed him right away via Facebook and walaa…cash is in my PayPal account in an instant! What a delightful day it was not only for me but also to three other bloggers below who have also won the same amount. Congratulations!
Thanks Borris! More power to you and your blogs! Visit Snapshots as they happen, Humble Opinion and Be a Lifesaver of Goodness. They’re blog pages of his.

1 Response to "First Giveaway Fortune of the Year"

  1. sir rob says:

    Gi post jud dah.. hehe Thank you for making a post about the giveaway. I appreciate it so much. Hope you still can join in the future if ever I will make another. haha

    Don't forget that I also have a medical and health blog. hehe

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