A Blogging Promise

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PROMISING. That’s how my friend and my then mentor described blogging before. True, it is! Some opportunity may just knock while others require skills and competence.

Three months after my first blog was established, it was granted PR3 by Google. I didn’t know the value of PageRank yet back then but thanks to concerned fellow bloggers, they taught me ways on how to make money through blogging.

I started with PTC (Paid to click) programs wherein they say you get paid obviously to visit sites. Then I added paid surveys and tried Google’s popular Adsense - a revenue earning program for website publishers of all sizes. But I didn’t seem to have luck to all these and never get paid for my effort – not once. But I didn’t stop there.

Later I found out about affiliate marketing companies. Again, I tried my luck. I signed up my blog to a couple of groups and luckily it was granted instant approval for most times… probably because of its high PageRank as what other bloggers assumed. That was where the online opportunities started to roll in for me. I get paid to do product and services reviews. It feels satisfying every time I get paid, because then I was able to pay bills, pay for my own supplies and even treat myself out once in a while.
And because I’ve seen it proven reliable – income wise, I started adding up few more sites. So far, I have 7 active blogs running right now wherein 5 of them are generating income. And as of present time, not that I only do reviews but I also sell ad space on my blogs – be it text-based, boxed or banner ad types.

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