A Love Conquered for the Second Time

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We either love or hate endings. When something bad is going on around us, how we wish for it to end even before we know it. However, if it is something we enjoy and feel good about, how we wish for time to just slow down for us so we can keep the wonderful feeling going. But reality has it. Everything must come to an end and so is my time spent with JK.

I haven’t been blogging the whole time I was with him so please bear with me if I flood this and the rest of my blog pages with updates about our two weeks vacation in Davao City.

It is his second time to visit the country and we’ve pretty much spent our time together in Davao. But before that, October 22nd, I flew to met him in Manila and there we spent a night at Resorts World Manila. While waiting to catch our early morning flight back to Davao we lounged around RWM and watched a movie at Newport Cinemas. Such a great night to remember. We’ve watched REAL STEEL – another must-watch 2011 movie if I may suggest.
On our way back to Davao, JK and I felt so honored to have flown with Philippine Airline’s BOEING 747 flight with Fiesta Class accommodation. That was unexpected! More about that story HERE.
Unlike the first time we met last year, we made no list of particular places to visit this time around. Everything just came in random except of course the plan of visiting my family at my hometown that took place two days after we arrived in Davao.  We stayed for 2 nights and went back up to the city. On October 31st we came down again to spend Halloween with the family and kids.

To be continued...

12 Response to "A Love Conquered for the Second Time"

  1. Lainy says:

    Hay! Kabitin man Nance, LOL!

    I am so green with envy! Gimingaw hinuon ko sa akoang palalabs dah, hahaha!

    zoan says:

    WOW! :) I am glad that you enjoyed your vaacation with your love one sis:) love is in the air, ang layo pa naman ng valentines ehehe

    mommy jes says:

    oh sweeeeeeeet!

    Beng Gee says:

    I'm sure you had another sweet,memorable time with your sweetheart Nance! Looks like I saw you in Cloud Nine eh! Lol! Take care always.

    Btw, me and my family will be visiting Davao on the 19th -22nd of this month as our way of celebrating our wedding anniv. Mind if you could suggest inexpensive hotel and good places to go? Thanks!

    awww sweet, perfect couple, wish you both luck in your relationship Sis Nancy.


    Admin says:

    Lainy, will post more of it soon :)

    Admin says:

    Thank you ladies for your warm wishes and compliments,:)

    Rcel says:

    Nance-- you look lovely together! Bagay! Imong smile pud kay naay resemblance sa akong friend way back elementary years nga taga-Bukidnon. ;-) Anyway, that was an awesome time spent by both of you. Kanus-a man ka mo-join sa iya for good? Wishing you the best always! :)

    Thanks for the visit and the comment! :)

    Admin says:

    Rcel, in time. For now, we just enjoy every time spent with each other, :)

    Thank you too for the return visit girl.

    Lynn says:

    Oiii!!! Ulahi naman kaayo kos balita, Nance. JK made his second trip na diay! Wooot!!! Cheers to the both of you. So, am I hearing wedding bells soooon??? (",)

    Anyway, today ra nako nakita imo comment sa kong blog ba. Sensiya na, I'm so tamad to update it na lately. Ma update ko lang if naa opps. Haha.

    Thanks for the visit, sis. Stay happy and inlove!!!

    Admin says:

    No problen Lynn. Glad for your visit and thanks for the wishes :)

    PinayWAHM says:

    As usual huli na naman ako sa balita...but I'm glad na I caught the posts bago sya mabaon sa 'old post' haha.

    Hi Mommy Nancy...hopping by here after 50 long years...tee hee...

    Nakababa ka na ba? from Cloud 9 I mean....hehe...

    Take care!

    Mommy J

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