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Hello everyone! It's nice to be finally back. I wish you guys are doing great.

Around mid last week I received this package of books delivered right in front of my doorstep- not your ordinary kind of books because they are something special, inspirational and unique. But before I tell you more about it, I'd like first to apologize for this delayed acknowledgement. I exactly received the package on the 14th but some health issues kept me away from my computer for few quite struggling days, thus, the delay.
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So, where all these books are coming from; you ask. Well they were humbly given to me (given meaning for free) by Ms. Lynn C. Johnston - Editor and Founder of Whispering Angel Books. Thank you so much, Ms. Lynn! As seen on the image there are four books and again I got them all four for free! I am still yet to explore the content of each book though but here let me give you a quick summary of each explaining why they're worth-having.

 NURTURING PAWS is a compilation if more than 80 uplifting and inspirational short stories and poems illustrating the physical, emotional and spiritual healing effects of animals in our lives. This book will warm your heart and uplift your spirit as it celebrates the love, friendship and comfort we receive from cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, horses and more. It is written by more than 70 of today's most prolific writers and poets.

LIVING LESSONS is an inspirational collection of short stories and poems illustrating the enduring legacy of life's most important lessons in courage, tolerance, optimism, love and support as it is passed to us by the amazing people who touch our lives. These pieces will uplift your spirit and leave you with a greater appreciation of what can be learn from others.

HOPE WHISPERS is an inspirational anthology of short stories and poems illustrating the power of hope and faith in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It's inspirational and uplifting messages will touch your heart and fortify your desire to succeed over adversity.

 ANGEL'S DANCE written by Lynn C. Johnston herself, this book contains over 45 poems on love, family, faith, friendship, encouragement, separation and more. Each poem is prefaced with a brief introduction describing the events or philosophy that inspired each piece. The book has been used by grief therapists to help their patients wok through a devastating loss. 

The gift giving season is drawing near. These inspirational books could make great presents instead of going through a tough task of looking for gifts to give to your loved ones or friends for the holiday. To place your order, please visit www.whisperingangelbooks.com. You may also want to follow their updates via Twitter: @whisperangelbks or find them on Facebook by searching "Whispering Angel Books".

3 Response to "Whispering Angel Books"

  1. raya says:

    wow what a great collection! i would love to get hold of inspiring books like these soon. thanks for sharing!

    wow.. I think the books are great.. not only are they inspirational, but timely as well..

    It's been a while I had not flipped any inspirational books.. all I have are morning papers... I think I should check this out.. thanks for sharing :)

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