Eyeball with Bisdak Bloggers in Davao

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From Left: Bisdak Bloggers Crislyn Dagandan Nierva with her husband, Ace below (a photography enthusiast, I believe), myself and Verna Liza Ypil Luga
Would you believe, it took us 3 hours to sit around that table chit chatting after having lunch like we own the place? Well sue us! We have a lot of common blogging ideas in mind and that 3 hours wasn't even enough but then we all had to agree our time aren't just for ourselves and so we had to call it a day.

September 21st, it is!!! A day to remember! Thanks for the wonderful time. It was indeed nice meeting you both for the first time, Crislyn and Verna!

By the way, just for the benefit of everybody, Bisdak is a combinaton of two Visayan words Bisaya (a local dialect) and Dako (huge)... though in the word Bisdak Bloggers, the meaning of the word "dako" isn't really applied literally. Generally, Bisdak is a slang word used to describe not only bloggers but other group of people as well who commonly speaks their native tongue, Bisaya.

1 Response to "Eyeball with Bisdak Bloggers in Davao"

  1. Lainy says:

    Wohohohooo! inggit mode ko, Nance. Maayo mo kay nagkit-anay na sa mata. Kita kaha ani kanus-a pa? Hehehe!


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