Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #3

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We've just celebrated Municipal Fiesta yesterday, thus the extra busy weekend and the late WBFC entry submission. It was only a few days but it feels like I'm gone for a very long time that catching up is so impossible to complete in just a day. But I know I can do it and I better start now.

By the way, WBFC is still accepting links until tomorrow - that is you haven't joined yet. You can submit your entry HERE.

34 Response to "Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #3"

  1. Old liker and follower doing WBFC hop :)

    Mine's up at: The Life Encounters - Weekend Blog Follower Caravan: Facebook Like and GFC Follow Thanks!

    Janet says:

    Hi. liked and followed from http://www.eatpraylovetolive.com

    liked you Fan Page and followed you thru GFC via WBFC #19

    I.am.Dial. on Green Dei / Daryll

    Madz says:

    Followed and liked you sis!

    Hope u do the same! :)

    Hi there!Liked and Followed via WBFC#19. God Bless!

    yuuki says:

    liked ur FB page and followed u thru GFC…

    c u on my blog!

    bev says:

    Hi sis! visiting from WBFC 19. Followed and an old liker.
    here is my entry Momsicle's Travel Nook

    Hi Sis,
    Perhaps one of the last to sign in, I hope you can check back and reciprocate the love…
    GFC = Cielo
    email : cielomatrix{at}gmail.com
    FB LIKE: AmorCielo

    zoan says:

    liked and followed :) (zoan gonzales)

    my welcome post is here: http://www.zowanderer.com/2011/07/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-19/

    nuts says:

    followed and liked sis! regards sis!

    genny says:

    followed and liked. see you at mine.:-)

    seth says:

    new liker and follower :-)

    Arlene says:

    liker mo na pala ako sis..i just connected with u now wd gfc. ^^

    Vernz says:

    Followed all na nancy :) Musta ka na?

    Lisa says:

    Hi! Liked and followed you po.Thanks..

    Walk Through My Notebook

    reese says:

    hi! new at WBFC
    liked and followed you

    Hello Sis,
    an old liker but a new follower, hope you visit me back here too http://www.adventurousjessy.com/2011/07/week-end-blog-follower-caravan-19.html

    Hi, Sis! Followed and liked via WBFC!

    Mirage says:

    Liked back sis (Matsumoto) and followed via gfc (gmirage). Happy weekend!

    Followed and liked back sis. Hope you join my giveaway pala. Thanks.

    Badet says:

    followed and liked

    Ane says:

    Old liker and follower.. :)

    SAHM Ako says:

    Liked using "My Lucky Ruby" at Facebook.

    Followed using "My Lucky Ruby" at GFC.

    Visiting from:
    http://www.sahmwrites.com/likers-and-followers/ and


    followed and liked! Hope you can visit my site and Join Green Monday meme.

    liked as Jadey and followed Pinayjade !

    Hope you can return the lovehere

    Have a beautiful day!

    Hi. Thanks for the visit. Liked and followed you.

    hi nancy. sorry for the late visit. followed on GFC and liked your FB page.


    Tina says:

    Followed your GFC, old FB liker..


    Edsie says:

    sorry for the late visit!! followed and liked!!

    liked and followed=)

    rjs mama says:

    old follower, new liker :)

    Josie says:

    old follower and new liker, now G+1 clicker :)

    old follower + liker here, hope you can follow back, doing my late rounds of visit! :)
    jared's little corner

    sHeNgKaY says:

    Super late visiting from WBFC#19! :) Like your FB Fan Page: shengkay and Sheng Apuhin
    My WBFC #19

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