The Right Shaving Products for that Early Morning Ritual

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It really pays to look younger. That is what I always tell myself whenever a new acquaintance is introduced to me and will say, “Funny you don’t look your age”. Seriously, I really find such compliment somewhat skin-deep and is sure fire to melt a heart, don’t it ladies? But what is more surprising for me was to see how beau earned exactly the same compliment when I first introduced him to my family and some friends about a year ago. Of course I cannot disagree to them. And I bet he owes that to his doting self and how he takes care of his skin.

He’s really not too vocal when it comes to skin care but I know one thing he does regularly and that’s the men’s oldest morning ritual - shaving and such ritual according to him doesn’t have to hurt every time. Did you know that majority of men actually have sensitive skin? That is why he always recommends the use of essential shaving products such as safety razors, the right shaving soap and an after-shave cream to moisturize and prevent razor burn. In fact, he also gave me some of those shaving soap. He knows I’m into it as well. But mine has with Aloe Vera. Obviously we all know how aloe with its natural component works wonder to our skin, right? I tried using it and I tell you what, shaving has never been the same from then on!

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