Shifted Finally

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Woot! Brand new week, brand new theme! Right... everything looks fresh and brand new here. I hope I made it obvious to those who frequent here. This and the rest of the blog makeovers I did for the last two weeks (there's three of them, by the way) is what keeping my butt glued again from morning till dawn. Well I'm not really so good in to this thing so that pretty much explains the length of time I consumed in coming up with the final idea.

See the difference...

Would you believe that the new layout is just a recycled version of my blog's old theme? It is. The only new element I added here is the header. By the way I'd like to thank Dana of Design's by Dana for that pretty freebie. I find it really cute although initially I've been also thinking of doing a personalized one just like what I did to my other blogs here and here but until I have it figured out then I will just enjoy the one I have got for now.

Another freebie I used here is the post divider and that I owe to Lena of Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates. That's it... I just did the rest myself and it was one hell of a job. But that doesn't matter really. To my own right, it's an accomplishment. In fact, I still have one more blog makeover to do so that should be all for now.

Oh and if you have something in mind, you can go straight and write them down at the comment section of this post. I'll really appreciate your time and effort. Thanks! ;)

8 Response to "Shifted Finally"

  1. Nice new design... refreshing, I must say :)

    Oh I envy you sis for having the talent. I don't have the skill of tweaking at all. Good job!

    Nancy says:


    Chubs, pahirapan din but in the end it's worth it naman :)

    Lynn says:

    Aw, I love the new look. The color is pretty. Wish kabalo pud ko mu tweak sa codes da. :)

    genny says:

    nice layout, not too heavy and friendly to the eye. lurve it sis!:-)

    Nancy says:

    Just how I want it to be, sis Lynn and Gen, :)

    Tina says:

    Very nice makeover!! I love the color, its clean, neat, and pleasing in the eye.. :)

    Nancy says:

    Thank you sis Tina :D

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