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Yesterday marked the 113th celebration of the Philippine Independence. And since it’s a historical event Filipino people will always commemorate each year, I’ve decided to also launch my newest and second Wordpress blog on the same day. Well not for anything else but for me to just conveniently remember its annual anniversary date. 

To those who don’t know yet, I’ve won katsboxanddice.info from PMC ‘s .info domain giveaway last month along with 9 other lucky winners. Attached to that free custom domain is also a lifetime free hosting services courtesy of Pinay Mommy Online Hosting Services.

Many thanks to Mommy Ruby (PMC moderator) for awarding it to me last Monday and because I know I can only do so much when it comes to WordPress layout editing, I gave it the entire week to do what needs done. And thankfully, I got it at least 90% done and able to finally make it public yesterday.

So why Kat’s Box and Dice?! Well, that’s going to be up next on the page. Meanwhile, I would like to invite you guys to head over there when you have time and tell me what you think by writing them thoughts and suggestions down at the comment section of the post. Thank you and that’s all for now! ;)

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