And she turns 9



Just sharing here some new pictures of me and my girls. Today my second daughter, Naureen is celebrating her 9th birthday... everybody sing a song... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! That's it! I love you so, dear.

Naureen - the birthday girl
The proud mama and the birthday girl
Lastly, there's Naureen with her older and only sibling, Kate
She's still in school right now but tonight is gonna be her night. I know not typical for kids of her age to hold a birthday party at night but that is it. That's how she used to celebrate her birthday since she will be in school for the whole day and none of her birthdays really fall on weekends or holidays, LOL!

7 Response to "And she turns 9"

  1. Happy Bday Baby Naureen...your mama loves you so much and she is so proud of you...continue to be a good girl and a delight to your mama and papa

    Happy Birthday Naureen

    Wena says:

    happy birthday to your daugher! she's a pretty little lady. :)

    aw...9 na? marami pa kaming kaining kanin bago marating yan hihi happy birthday! God bless!

    Happy birthday Naureen! :)

    May says:

    Happy birthday to your Naureen! 9 is one of the best ages there is... enjoy it!

    happy birthday to Naureen! may dalaga ka na hehe.
    thanks for your comment on my blog. Yup, we are on the same boat. kaya natin ito hehe

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